Time for Spring

Winter has passed and spring has come. Now is the time to get your yard back to its summer time prime. We have a variety of annuals, perennials, trees, and shrubs. We also supply bagged potting soil and topsoil. If you have any questions about availability feel free to give us a call at (502) - 241 - 0129.


Annual Flowers:

Annual flowers will bloom all summer long. However they are not winter hardy. We have them available in trays of 4, entire flats, 4 - 6 inch mixed pots, and hanging baskets.




Perennial flowers bloom part time of the spring and summer, but they are winter hardy. Meaning they will come back year after year unlike Annuals.


Trees & Shrubs:


We carry a few different types of trees, they include shade, ornamental, flowering, and fruit.  As for shrubs we have foundation, ornamental, and flowering shrubs. They are available in 1 - 3 gallon sized pots.  

shrub 2.jpg


We carry both top soil and potting soil. Our high grade top soil is best used in the garden and planting trees or shrubs. For plants in containers we suggest our potting soil. All bags of soil come in 40lb bags.

Potting soil

Potting soil

Top Soil

Top Soil